Sunday, December 25, 2011

Year end notes

I just got back from a surprise birthday party for a cousin. It has been years since I went to an event with a surprise involved. And these days the birthday parties I go to are as an escort for my kid. So when said party was whispered to me I became quite excited and looked forward to it. Now that I am back from this successful surprise I am filled with a nice tinge of nostalgia for a year that had its share of seasons. Let me make a list out of it okay? Okay.

* Son in kindergarten

* Geoff Dyer's monthly column The Reading Life in The New York Times Book Review

* Great bubbly friend J relocates to Chennai

* Fun project: Tumblr blog to keep track of Geoff Dyer on the web

* Old pal from college goads me into working again (thanks!)

* Elizabeth Hardwick's Seduction and Betrayal: Women and Literature - a rich, perceptive collection of    essays. Inspiring. Reassuring.

* David Foster Wallace; Brief Interviews with Hideous Men - pure genius

* 1917 circa 12" Emerson Antique Oscillating Desk Fan - son loves fans; I love this fan

* Steve Jobs's death - why did it seem so personal (for so many) for a couple of days?

* December specials: Charles Nicholl, Andrew Motion (ed.) - Interrupted Lives: in literature, Andrew Motion - Ways of Life: On Places, Painters and Poets, David Lodge - The Practice of Writing: essays, lectures, reviews and a diary - to read three delightful books back to back. What a month!

* Chennai weather this Margazhi

It is hard to predict how we will remember each year eventually: some impressions will become markers and others will fade away. These are the little glimpses that assemble for me this day.

For 2012 my reading life is simple enough to state:

* Write more

* Read discriminately

For the cousin whose birthday it is today: I hope you enjoy In a Strange Room. Thanks for that comment about the RSS feed. It made me post.

For everyone reading this, A very happy new year!


J said...

Wow I show up on your list for 2011 - you made my day :)

Happy New Year !

Lavanya Gopinath said...

And now I know that you still read my blog!

Manohar said...

Thanks a lot for the books, I have nto yet started on it but I am sure I will love it.