Monday, November 02, 2009

This and That

  • I have not written a post in three months. Was it time that passed?
  • Loved William Trevor's The Story of Lucy Gault. It is a book that got me reading fiction again. I was finding it difficult to read fiction in the past year or so because I was finding it difficult to ponder or wonder (ponder was lack of concentration I guess but wonder was because I'd exhausted it watching G do new things each day.) Trevor's sentences work so well at concealing themselves that you are well in the middle of a pang in your stomach or an urgency to see how a life would turn out before you realize that the sentences worked together to get you there. Brilliantly minimal. If you haven't read William Trevor yet, here is a good bibliography to choose from
  • I am reading Netherland - library copy, like it so far. This leaves Blind Assassin and White Tiger on the planned fiction list. Why White Tiger? Why not?
  • A friend had gifted me Animal Farm (can be read online) some years ago and I just tucked it away in the bookshelf saving it for a day when I needed to read something fictional, short, from start to finish. That day arrived a month or so ago. G's favourite rhyme then was Old MacDonald had a Farm and I was singing it (off-key, oh so off-key!) to him several times a day and I think Animal Farm couldn't help but be chosen if one were making animal sounds all day. Wonderful book and whenever I made oink sounds after that I thought not of Squealer but of Napolean. And subsequently only the Animal Farm animals made their appearance in the rhyme when I sang it!
  • G is learning words rapidly. A few a day. Yesterday's best was beetroot.
  • I am quite due to do the writing as catharsis. These blobs of words have been sitting in my head morphing and vanishing. I cannot even bring myself to write in my journal which is the best place for them - spill out, sort out. It is about a friend I lost in September.
  • Been enjoying the works of Renoir. How much of a person lies behind their art.