Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Year of Lists - Progress Report

Quick note to see where I stand on the nine books to read target at the half-year mark:
  1. Words in Air: Got book via mail today. Started reading immediately. Love it already. Plan to read off and on throughout rest of the year
  2. Negotiating with the Dead: One of the first books I read this year. Had lots of fun with it. Definite reread later this year or next
  3. White Heat: Because of 1, am reconsidering this one. I do not want to be confusing correspondences. Likely to move book to next year's list (assuming there's one)
  4. Netherland: Have not made any procurement plans yet for said book. But do intend to read it this year
  5. The Blind Assassin: Work in progress. Been that way for a few months now. Likely to finish this year
  6. Harvesting the Heart: Err...what was I thinking when I added this one to the list. Strike it out
  7. Ticknor: You know I haven't seen this book in India at all. Must make plans to acquire or must push to next year
  8. Christine Falls: Done done done. Yay
  9. The White Tiger: Have copy. Will read when I run out of excuses to not read it
I have shown YES on four, NO on three, MAYBE on three. Not bad.


Raji said...

How about adding "The Tao of Physics" to the list? I loved reading it :-)

Madhuri said...

I wonder what made you keep White Tiger on the list? The booker?
I read Netherland this year, quite disappointing, esp after all the rave reviews it had been getting. I am only glad I could get a library copy and didn't have to buy it!
BTW, You can find Ticknor - at least on the on-line bookstores. I remember seeing it on Indiaplaza once when I was checking it out.

Manohar said...

Hi Lavanya,

I actually didn't like the first few chapters of 'The white tiger'. After that I must confess to thoroughly enzoying it.

Lavanya said...

Raji - will take a look. do you have a copy?

Madhuri - my turn to say thanks for stopping by.

I've heard so many people sound so annoyed with White Tiger that it got me curious. The other reasons would be a) I was gifted a copy b) I want to find out how a gimmicky letter to the Chinese Premier kind of book worked with so many people c) Why do the outsiders seem to like it better than the resident Indians

And thanks for the Ticknor pointer. Will check out Indiaplaza. And have you read Ticknor?

Manohar - Hi Manu, thanks for saying something different! I guess the folks I spoke to got so put off by the first few chapters that they let that opinion stay with them for the rest of the book. I do hope to get to the book later this year and finish it. I think I need to read it in a few sittings or I may run the danger of just dumping it. I need Girish Maharaj's blessings in order to accomplish ;)

Raji said...

Yes Lavan. I do have a copy and I can give it to you when we meet next time :-)