Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Osho: Gathering the data

Hey everyone: this is a quick post to ask a question. I did it a while ago on Twitter and am doing it here too. This 'a question' is going to be chopped into chunks. Many thanks for your time.

Have you read Osho?
a) If yes, do you think the label 'sex guru' holds good?
c) What would you say about the nature of his work?
d) Like? Dislike? Why?

I am going somewhere with these questions. I will have a post up once I have sufficient replies from friends.


Vaidehi said...

Yes,I have read a few of Osho's books. "Sex Guru" : that's just an indicator of how overrated a natural act like sex ( not very different from eating/sleeping ) is in our society. It can be applied to anyone who even mentions the word in casual conversation. Haven't I used the word twice already? There, I am a Sex Guru!

His work is, I would say, inspired by many theories, many philosophies. I like the openness of his philosophy and his attempt to retain the "humanness" of us all, but that's also something I dislike in his work. So Osho's work is, like him, contradictory. I guess I gravitate towards him because I am contradictory too.

iamyuva said...

Osho is known well enough. while he had open view on sexuality, I thought 'sex guru' was given to him because for his early speeches. in later part of his life, he given speeches on wide range of subjects. probably that term helped in PR...

his work- Its ok but not a follower (or a fan). because it was spiritually not religious and funny and i find some sense in his principle about life & lifestyle.

Echo/Lavanya said...

Thanks Vaidehi, Yuva.

My view is rather like Vaidehi's. Will write more soon.

Manigandan K said...

I dont read Osho deeply but listened from my senior about his view on Sex.
Same view is expressed by Thiur. V. Kalyanasundaranar that understand
difference between Kama Vs sex and
Love Vs Sex. Former is mere hating
opposite sex. Later promotes wife to motherwood.

He further clarifies books written
by short focused persons only
ask men to define women maya or ghost. He insist by hating one
gender a person hates nature and
in turn he/she hides dirts inside
itself and never becomes saints.

Hope OSHO also will project
similar clarity in his works.