Sunday, June 01, 2008

This and That

Does one say welcome to oneself? Which leads to 'Oh these social niceties', which leads to 'why does one have to comply with what the society expects', which leads to 'man is a social animal' (this is memory quoting and being a pain), which leads to 'or was it man is a social being?' (this is memory doubting), which leads to 'what did I want to post now?' - the mind is a madhouse!

Having (this leads to wondering who was the grammarian who said you shouldn't start with a gerund!) suitably welcomed myself with blabber, let me offload the links I came across:

Chandamama, the wonderful magazine of childhood, several people's childhoods across several decades I might add, has a nice website. They have a Junior Chandamama as well. Also, you can subscribe to a story a day, gift the magazine to children and so on.

Talking of magazines of childhood, I read Gokulam, Target and Wisdom as well. A google search for Gokulam led me to a site that tried to hand my laptop a Trojan so I guess the magazine does not have a web presence. Target closed down long ago and Wisdom, does it still exist?!

I recently read and enjoyed Last Chance to See - A remark of Douglas Adams in the book
I have the instinctive reaction of the Western man when confronted with the sublimely incomprehensible: I grab my camera and start to photograph it. I feel I'll be able to cope with it all more easily when it's just two square inches of colour on a light box and my chair isn't trying to throw me round the room.

reminded me of several Indian friends of mine who follow the well trodden path of taking to photography and then graduating from automatic to SLR (invariably I hear Canon Rebel XT). Hmm...

I have been extracting guffaws and flak from the Dad and the husband for relying on books to understand how a baby is and what a baby does. Honestly, it is quite a good book - What to Expect the First Year. I did read Benjamin Spock as well (from a copy that I bought for Rs.10 at a second hand bookstore last year. What prompted me to buy the book was the previous owner's scrawl saying Baby Rose, 1960) and found his book too Americanized to be useful to me.

Finally, am reading Roy's The Shape of the Beast - whatever else, the book design is fantastic.

Right, now time to say, welcome!


Nandhu said...

welcome, indeed.

...indian friends...'? are u officially a foreigner now? have u moved?

Sunil said...

AH//! Give the kid a break mom. He is yet to smell the kaapy and people are wanting to make him read porn.

Echo/Lavanya said...

Nandhu - Oh no, am still in town. The reason I said 'Indian Friends' is coz I find this fascination with photography follows a particular pattern in this segment. They are typically the ones who will develop an interest in photography after following the migration route. My non-Indian friends do not fall into this pattern.

Sunil - Hey educating myself isn't the same as trying to chew the poor baby's head off!

iamyuva said...

welcome... 'come back kid' seems to be word these days.l;)

avinash said...

Came to your blog quite by accident, while searching for some stuff on Chris Angel. Nice style of writing, sound learned! ;))

Chenthil said...

Welcome back Lavanya. Now post regularly