Monday, April 16, 2007

This and that

Been wanting to mention a word about the Writers' Rooms series in the Guardian. You know, if I were to pick writers to read based on pictures of their rooms, I would choose these: my winner, runner up -1, -2, -3. Guess it is all about old polished desks, plenty of light and absence of clutter. Err...anyone still believe that untidy desks host the most creative minds?

I've only heard of Chennai's famous Broken Bridge, umpteen times. Yet, it never struck me that it was worth a visit. However, a sunset and a story can change a perspective. Also, an old article on spooky places in Chennai.

While searching for Heyer's Reluctant Widow, I came across this very charming discussion (dated '04) on BBC Radio 4. Margaret Drabble, the one who blurbs every new edition of Georgette Heyer, talks with such excitement. Tut, Heyerians everywhere are irrepressible.

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Krithiga said...

Have to admit that I've been eagerly following the Writer's rooms series. But whatever happened to the old charming notion of writing in cafes behind paper napkins and in crowded Dublin streets?