Tuesday, April 10, 2007


What? jhankarBeats is a website (in alpha at the moment) that hopes to provide a global platform for budding Indian musicians. Some music already up and very good.

Why? Quoting from here:
There is a lot of talent in the Indian music space with a lot of talented artists performing in their local space. jhankarBeats brings to them a global platform and exposure to a global audience. Local artists can hope to receive feedback from a global audience and market themselves to the world at large in an efficient, free and open manner.
How? A million ways. Find some, Tell some.

So what's in it for me? I knew you'd ask, my non-musical mirror self. Quoting FAQ:
You are utterly precious. You are the music lover for whom the artists produce music.You can certainly rate any song and provide feedback/comments on any song that you like. As of the Alpha release, we allow anyone to rate and provide feedback on songs.
Okay, who? Two friends, Anand S & Chetan C, shaped jhankarBeats over many many conversations.

And you, agent? Yeah right. Didn't you know all my friends are called Anand? Well, at least all such posts definitely talk of an Anand or another Anand!

While we are on the topic, let me use the chance to make Anand squirm a bit and perhaps even wonder why on earth he made my acquaintance:
Anand, a very happy birthday to you! Hope this year plays a haunting tune. And a song for you of course. *L vanishes in a trice


Karthik said...

abba! atlast something not literature..

Anand said...

OMG Karthik...what a comment. You had it now bro. You better run for cover.

Echo/Lavanya said...

Karthik, at least I write something on the blog. When was the last time we can say that of you kid?

Anand - when has K ever listened? ;)

Yuva said...

ya.. noticed from webyantra/askwiki.. kool idea. hope it will make big..

taggy said...

i think one more place that great for small budding indian music brands is http://radioverve.com .It rocks and can do you a lot of publicity ad i do know it has a lot of audience

Anand said...

Agree with Taggy; still cannot help but add that it seems to be mainly for rock music :) So...there you go.