Sunday, August 20, 2006

Trust Ayn Rand, years after her death, to still be able to stir passions at the mere mention of her name. I am following this discussion at the Chennai metblog, which talks about an Ayn Rand at 100 book launch.

This brings to mind that I wanted to write about Rand for long. How she went from "life changing" to merely "brilliant" in my book of living. I've found that Rand causes one of two reactions in people - love OR hate. People can either read her books and swear by them or they can't get past the first 100 pages, no matter how many times and how hard they try. Tell me what sort of a Rand reader you are and what sort of questions / aspects of Rand you will be interested in reading about. I will have to put in some effort and make the post worthwhile, so I'd appreciate suggestions. Thanks.


Zero said...

I am the sort of reader (who can hardly be called so) who saw an Ayn Rand books at every house/place/room/blog he bumped on to, and never bothered to pick one up.
I can quote two reasons.
One, the word 'objectivism' to which she is associated to (and perhaps attributed to, as well) was very uncomfortable (and close to nauseating) for my taste, or the lack of it.
Two (and the truer reason), I hardly read.

Zero said...

Pardon the stringing of words, with not even a passing obeisance to grammar, in the above comment.

Chenthil said...

I have read (and re read) her Fountain Head, Atlas Shrugged and We The Living. A little bit of Capitalism - the unknown ideal.

Krithiga said...

Wait for me, wait for me. Am a wee bit busy, but I promise to leave a detailed commment.

Actually wanted to leave a comment at Chenthil's post too, the twenty-growing-out thing did make me want to leave a comment. So unlikely, I am hard-pressed for time :P

Krithiga said...

Sorry lady, the comment got too long, and so I made it a separate post.