Monday, August 14, 2006

There are escapes at all the levels of our being. You escape through work, another through drink, another through religious ceremonies, another through knowledge, another through God, and still another is addicted to amusement. All escapes are the same, there is no superior or inferior escape. God and drink are on the same level as long as they are escapes from what we are. When we are aware of our escapes, only then can we know of our conditioning.

-JK, Commentaries on Living


Nandhu said...

hey thanks for putting this up. i would not have heard. i am not being sarcastic. and this is not a visu dialogue.

Echo/Lavanya said...

Err...Nandhu, did you mean the Booker long list? I guess you did because you made a post about it. Because if it is the JK quote you are commenting on, I'd be terribly confused!