Sunday, November 06, 2005

As long as it follows

We all have our moments. I know that. Of course I do. But you have to admit that listening to the same song over 25 times without knowing why it was elevated to such a hallowed level in the altar of favourites is pretty frustrating. Okay I need to tell you more. My husband, the personal demi-god who beautifully guides my musical sensibilities, has been playing Fleetwood Mac's As Long As You Follow every single time we have travelled together these past few weeks. The moment the player is switched on, it lights up with track number 8 on the Greatest Hits and the repeat indicator sits bright in its tiny corner as well. So the longer our trip is, the more the number of times I need to keep following this song.

I like Fleetwood Mac myself. I really do. Everywhere is a favourite. And I like a number of other songs in their various albums too. But what beats me is why the demi-god has flipped for this song. It is no doubt a nice song. I enjoyed it the first few times I heard it. Especially since it came with such a seal of approval. But I am not so sure anymore.

I tried some petty things. Hiding the CD. Offering another great album. Buying a few new ones that we both could listen to. Alas! Nothing worked.

How long will this follow? It beats me. It will beat me as long as it follows. Tut-tut.


AMK said...

Hilarious :-)

Eroteme said...

Hmmmm. To start with I must confess to a misunderstanding I have held. I have always thought you to be a guy! :-(
Now I read about your husband's pet fancy and I go "Jesus, this is a woman!" :-D

Anyway, I can relate entirely to the antics of your hubby. I happen to do that often. Pick a song and run it for hours and myriad repetitions. Like once I kept listening to "Aawaragi" and then another time I kept listening to "Animal instinct". I have never heard of "Fleetwood Mac". Are/Is they/he/she good?

Anonymous said...

To eroteme:

Fleetwood Mac is great 70s and 80s band and their album "Rumours" won the Grammy for best album. I consider it a classic. Fleetwood Mac's "Greatest Hits" is a superb compilation of their best numbers and that is something that you can try listening to.

Echo/Lavanya said...

Hey E: This is surely a first - someone mistaking me for a guy! For all my delusions about sounding unlike an average rambling woman, I have always discovered that people find it easy to identify that I am also part of that delicate species :)

Fleetwood Mac is a very good band. I agree with the anonymous comment. This band has existed from the late '60s I guess and they are still around albeit in a different avatar. You should probably sample some of their numbers on the Greatest Hits compilation. This Amazon link has the tracks for sampling.

Oh and btw, have you heard Alan Parsons? If not, let me know, I will be delighted to do a sales pitch. He is awesome.

Karthik said...

Try this.
For sometime you start showing interest in that song. Play it a little more frequent that it was. Trust me the wave on the other side will subside.

Echo/Lavanya said...

@karthik: Ah, no K - I love that song too. But I don't love it enough to hear it 25 times at a stretch. I did try your approach too, telling myself that I might as well enjoy the song and the husband will find it an overdose too after a while. But THAT never happened and I had to end up ranting :(