Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chennai Rains:update

Update from Sun News - 3pm bulletin:
=> Cyclone expected to hit the Chennai-Ongole stretch tomorrow (Oct 28) morning.
=> Heavy / very heavy rains with heavy winds expected for the next 24-48 hours
=> 66 dead so far in Chennai
=> All schools and colleges closed
=> Since this morning, 23cm of rain has been recorded in the city
=> Low lying areas like West Mambalam, Purasawalkam, parts of Mogappair & Anna Nagar, Velachery completely flooded as water enters homes and other buildings
=> Chennai Airport runway flooded and many international and domestic flights have been routed to Bangalore
=> Guindy Kathipara junction flooded - a minimum wait of two hours to cross over from the Airport to Guindy
=> Railways cancels a number of outbound long-distance trains. Helplines are: 25383783/84/85
=> Chennai Corporation Helplines are: 25381330, 25383783, 25384670

Other parts of Tamil Nadu:
=> Landslide in Tiruvannamalai. Several villages cut off.
=> Tiruchirapalli still recovering from floods - roadway cut off.
=> Mettur Dam overflowing but inbound water has slowed down since morning.


Phoenix said...

yeah,west mambalam is fully
flooded with water entering
ground floors...nice exp after
a long long time..if someone
is dancing like shreya ( "mazhai"
movie)in the rain,it would be
more nice:-))

The Bathroom Singer said...

thanks for the update.. good to see it all in one place..

AMK said...

Thanks for the update echo.

VJ said...

how are things now? i get to read that life is slowly returning to normalcy. bangalore was worse i heard - with its infrastructure dunno know how bangalore would have managed had chennai storm hit bangalore!!

out of curiosity - how did chennai handle this?

Echo/Lavanya said...

VJ - in all fairness, I think the day after the rains, the city looked far more normal than I had expected it to. All major roads were drained using powerful motors and I could see corporation staff clearing out uprooted trees.

People were out on the roads in large numbers and when V and I were out at peak hour, the traffic was simply inching along (pretty standard practice every evening). So I'd say my dear city did rather well in the circumstances.

VJ said...

that's very nice to hear.

guess it wud have been a disaster had bangalore got so much rain!

i was wondering who architected the city of chennai. Is there any one person like the French architect Le Corbusier for Chandigarh?

Pradeep said...

thanks echo for ur come the situation of west mambaalam still in water logs, can we come bck..