Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Army for Serenity in Kashmir

Despite the earth shaking, the encounters in this part of the world have not stopped. Since 1990, 18658 terrorists have been killed by the Indian security forces and several rehabilitation measures have been undertaken by the Indian Army to restore some semblance of normalcy and inspire confidence in the natives. Yet, Kashmir is still a queen in distress. The Indian Army is using the new medium for epidemics to spread awareness.

The About page says:
The website has been designed and launched with a purpose to increase the public awareness, in India and abroad, about how the Indian Army is tackling the menace of terrorism.
This website lets you have a detailed look at the various factors, statistics and truth that govern the lives of the Kashmiries, the Army and the cross-border infiltrators. From the humanitarian efforts of the Indian Army in everyday life to the destructive and barbaric activities of the fundamentalist forces, the website presents you a fair picture of the valley in front of the world.


VJ said...

That was a nice web site and reading the history behind the origin of the problems is interesting. What will be interesting is to hear the other side of the story! Probably there is a web site with information what Pakistan Army has done. I tried to search a little bit, but was not very lucky!

Good read on the history and the cartoons were funny too! ;-)

Echo/Lavanya said...

This is what I could find. Nothing specific on Kashmir though.
And see what else I found.

vimal said...

This is my opinion.
India fought a war with Pakistan and defeated them and liberated Bangladesh.
Pakistan is just trying to take revenge. They want to separate kashmir from India. An eye for an eye.

Echo/Lavanya said...

I have nothing against Pakistanis. They are as much a part of our history as we are. And the Pakistanis I have met and worked with are all nice people. But I am against the way the dictatorship in that country doctors the perception of the situation in Kashmir.

VJ said...

am not sure about the revenge part. that is probably the starting point - but the continuity of it may be different. the people who live in that area really may not care whether they are part of india or pakistan, but are more concerned with the constant terror threats.

this is how i see it - there are lot of other reasons behind this constant terror in kashmir which are beyond india and pakistan. there are reports on how the isi gets direction from US to keep the nagging fight going on. the reason - if india can divert its attention from kashmir and put it on strengthening their relationship with china - this may spell trouble for the big countries. same with the technology advancements to some extend. am not saying india is not doing anything on that front - but for sure things can improve if india does not spend most of their time thinking about kashmir and talking about kashmir in almost all international meetings be it with UN or US or Germany or Brazil. india can better spend the money spent on kashmir on various other things. infact kashmir does not figure as a tourist attraction any more and it is one of the most beautiful places in india. i bet it can generate a huge inflow because of tourism industry. i hope there will be one such day.

i still vividly remember dal lake and the park and gulmarg, though i had visited these places way back in 1989-90. i was lucky coz atleast after that the travel company from salem stopped organizing tours to kashmir, coz of the riots!

vimal said...
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vimal said...

There are 3 entities, in reality.

Indians, Kashmiris and Pakistanis.

I am talking about pakistanis. They want to separate Kashmir from India, just to take a revenge for Bangladesh, where they lost the war and surrendered.

Kashmiris, in my opinion, do care where they want to live. Based on what I read, my understanding is that, some want to be independent, some part of India and some part of Pakistan.

In fact , the Prime Minister of PoK himself has openly told that Kashmir cannot hope to be

As far as some western influence on this issue, I believe one of the main reason is, a country constantly at war, is a good weapons market.