Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ring a bell?

Or am I the only one who thinks there is a similarity between Steve Martin and Vivek Oberoi though their individual features are not similar?

Funny are the ways of the mind I guess. I was watching the end of a Steve Martin movie on Star Movies last evening and somehow, suddenly, I could see a strong resemblance between Vivek Oberoi and him. Never struck me earlier. Whatever.

Both of them have scriptwrting on their resumes
Martin - known as one
Oberoi - started out as one
(And I am just marketing my similarity theory here:))


Colin said...

Yes, you are the only one.

braindead said...

i don't see resemblance in the pics...

oh n talkin abt idli, once in india (bangelor or somewhere near), i went into this restaurant like thing. it was a self-service place. so i saw these idlis there, white round things that i presumed were made out of milk and were sweet. i decided to have two of those.... but i got a real shock when i put one of those in my mouth. tasteless, chewy objects.

had a fine time in india, only the food was not to my taste. that vegetable curry.. samber or sth too. the vaada was good though.

enough of my rant. nice blog ;)

vimal said...

You kidding???

VJ said...
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VJ said...

Echo - Interesting observation. Though am unable to see any striking resemblance, the first instance I saw the pictures I thought there was some.

Later I thought, the similarity probably is in the eyes of the beholder! I could not stop myself from having a look at this - Bush or Chimp Check it out - it is hilarious and US is divided on this - half of them think there is a striking similarity, where as the other half think this is absurd! But having a web site for this is funny - not only that - there is a site - Bush is not a Chimpthat goes on to say Bush is not a chimp!!! :-))

Phoenix said...

Echo,I don't see any resemblance
in the pics..I think,it's more of
optical illusion from u'r side.
But faces can be made to look little resembling by digital trickery such as "air brushing",
"morphing"., etc stuff like that

Echo/Lavanya said...


AMK said...
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AMK said...

I can see some similarity in the first picture. Their eyes look similar.