Sunday, July 03, 2005

Recalling the Reluctant Messiah

Imagine the universe beautiful and just and perfect.
Then be sure of one thing:
The Is has imagined it quite a bit better than you have.
The original sin is to limit the Is. —Don't.

Richard Bach, whose Illusions remains one of my all-time favorites, had a strong influence on my thinking all those years ago. Donald Shimoda lives on alongside Jonathan Livingston Seagull, tossing out nuggets of wisdom.

I was taken aback when I first heard of the Richard-Leslie divorce because one hardly likes shattered fairy tales. But then, fairy tales have their own message, one that changes along with its reader. And Richard Bach never proclaimed to be God.

More quotes from Richard Bach's works here and here.

I will get to the Messiah's Handbook someday.


perspective said...

:) i've heard a lot about Illusions...
The last one i read by him was "One"....hmmm think i must lay my hands on this one soon...

Tried reading "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari"...and i cannot seem to finish it.

Its such a mixture of thoughts... sadly cant reflect or add to anything i feel or see or know....

VJ said...

Illusions is really thought provoking and one of my favorites too. I can't agree more to what he says about the simplest questions are probably the most profound and how you teach best when you most need to learn!

Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to read any other creations by Richard Bach...

Echo/Lavanya said...

Lavannya - I could not finish 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' either! However, I did enjoy Robin Sharma's 'Who Will Cry When You Die'. This book is essentially a condensed presentation of the ideas he elaborates in The Monk...

And talking about Bach's books, I was also quite moved by the ideas in 'One'. I read 'One' soon after I finished 'The Bridge Across Forever' and it was easy to walk along with Bach's extensions in 'One'.

Yeah VJ - there are so many wonderful and thought provoking sentences in Illusions.

Phoenix said...

Read fiction story.....How come Roger and susan discovered that each wanted a different
future,their rights to choose., etc but after marriage ??
Can't they foresee all this before marriage or what !! there are several non fiction real cases like this...happening around us..Though these may be the superficial reasons, the fundamental reason for divorce cases I feel among couples is "ego", which would further get deep rooted into incompatibility,misconceptions,
falsy perceptions stuff like that.Each one of us has got our own "ego", but how
we handle our own ego is all that matters. I feel if we give more importance to
Courtesy,camaraderie, friendship,affection and practice to see things from an aerial view,the "ego"
waves would slowly loose its intensity.But still,divorces or living separately,or living together for the sake of living and society norms all falling under the same category happens!
yes Relationships are very complicated,since understanding human mind is also litte complex...

Echo/Lavanya said...

Phoenix - can you foresee whether you will be happy on June 12, 2006? Hard to answer na?

Life and all its little dramas depend on chance as well. There are choices & the consequences of such choices but there is also chance and change.

Atleast Roger & Susan were wise enough to retain the quality of their life by making a difficult but subjectively meaningful choice.

Phoenix said... that extent it's hard..
Hmmmmm...I foresee I would be
happy on June 12 2006,if i read
some refreshing,thought provoking
blogs from echo:-)).i was just
picking a thread from that fiction part and made some connections.Any comments,thoughts
on handling ego,relationsship stuff like that..??