Monday, July 18, 2005

Quite a Coke

One of the little things I like to do on Chennai's Nungambakkam High Road ( is also called MG Road huh?) is to take a quick look at the hoarding close to Hotel Taj Coromandel. This hoarding is a Sharad Haksar spot and every now and then his latest photo shot comes up here. I often laugh a lot at his latest addition (they are really good) and then turn around and discuss it if I am travelling along with someone.

A few days ago, I appreciated his shot of empty water pots in front of a Coke van. It now appears that this photo is creating quite a stir.

Bravo Sharad!

FYI: On Sharad Haksar dot com the Coke ad is picture 7 on his portfolio


Phoenix said...

u mean MG road Bangalore??
MG is more happening:-)) than NH..
I often wonder what's "high" on NH road

Echo/Lavanya said...

No Phoenix, I meant that NH Road is officially called MG Road or Uthamar Gandhi Road or some such thing. I wasn't sure and hence the comment in paranthesis.

For me, Landmark is a high. For you, let me see...there is Ispahani Center though :p

Anonymous said...

Echo the hoarding you mentioned is an excellent one and a very creative one. Talking of hoardings in Chennai, the two best spots I think are Anna Nagar Roundana and Guindy Kathipara. And the most creative hoardings are from Hutch.

What's this so called happening place ??? I watched last week's Big Fight in NDTV and the topic of discussion was "Which city was the best city in India, Mumbai or Delhi? “ Bangalore and Calcutta was discussed among the panel, but no one talked about Chennai( I was born and brought up in Chennai, so a bit disappointed that Chennai was not even discussed). Chennai is a conservative city compared to the other Metros. But that doesn’t make it the least favored Metro. In terms of pollution, Industrial growth and traffic chaos, Chennai is a shade better than the other Metros. I have nothing against the other cities but just pondering myself why Chennai was not even discussed. Probably Chennai should have more happening places 

VJ said...

Nice one echo!

This is way back - I liked a hoarding from United Insurance (a Life Insurance company). The caption was U before I! Simple and catchy!

Its disappointing that Chennai was not part of the best city discussion! However, just a comment on "Chennai is a conservative city..."..well - is this true? I hear a lot of stories on how Chennai has shrugged the "conservative" tag - pubs, bars, clubs, mahab road guest house/late night parties, etc etc! I may be wrong as I don't have first hand information...!

Phoenix said...

yeah anonymous...chennai has
changed a lot in the recent years..
but still people stick the
conservative tag on chennai and
i think it's more of people's
way of life and their outlook..
yes Night life is there in chennai,
but only for a selcted few groups..
(like EC41,Dublin,Platinum(HFO),
and some more places around East
coast road)
In other cities, that u have
mentioned we can see common people
roaming aroung bazaars,shopping malls upto 11.30 or 12 PM but
in chennai the hustle and bustle
stops at around 9 PM.May be it
gives an impression, in chennai
night life is not that "bright":-)))