Monday, July 18, 2005


I have been away from the blogging world for almost a fortnight now. Many nice events demanded attention. I shifted to a neat new apartment that boasts of plenty of sunshine, breeze and good cheer. The clincher for me was the beautiful Flame of the Forest tree in full bloom right next to the most inviting balcony. My husband and I made the shifting effort a mini project and planned stuff to great detail. It was a fun experience. More on that soon, this note is just to explain the silence.

And, the shifting did not deter me from getting my copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Note to self: take that counter code off from the sidebar). I started reading it last night. So if things are sleepy around here for the next couple of days, you will know why. Slughorn beckons, chao!


VJ said...

Echo - Are you hearing a lot of echo in your new place? Congrats on your new house! Where is this new place?

I tried to get hold of a Harry Potter out here...boy unbelievable crowd! So - am yet to start the book... :-( Enjoy reading...grrrr...! ;-)

Echo/Lavanya said...

Thanks VJ! You know how my voice echoes, so don't even ask :)

I am pretty close to one of the Anna Salai junctions now, in a quiet lane off the busy and holy road that joins Anna Salai. I miss Nungambakkam and the view of Mainland China but then, the new house is exciting.

And I finished Harry Potter 6 - hurray!

vimal said...

Can you see China from your home? WAW

Echo/Lavanya said...

ha ha! that was a totally narrow statement that I made about Mainland China. It is a popular restaurant in Chennai.

vimal said...

Oh ok. I thought you had telescopic

Are there any good Thai restaurants in Chennai?
What else?

VillageLad said...

Shifting the house is always a thing of joy that you'll be excited abt the new house and @ the same time will miss the goodness of the old one.

Phoenix said...

New house is always exciting,and
yeah with the same "home" it's more..-))holy road that joins anna
salai..Is it the holy angels convent road,T.nagar or what:-))

Karthik said...

Congrats on your new home. I'm planning to drop in some time. As you said earlier, Please order food from outside... hahaha ;)

Echo/Lavanya said...

Aha Phoenix - I am going to let you make more guesses :)

Sure Karthik - I won't even try and toil to make you a meal. I shall be more than glad to taste a better meal too ;)