Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bravo Miandad!

I never liked Javed Miandad. He was far too offensive whenever he played against the Indians. And I am talking about offensiveness in manner and not exactly in cricketing shots. The only time I hated him as well as admired him was when he struck the super six of THAT last ball that made him a hero and more or less ruined Chetan Sharma. And every time I hear him mentioned anywhere, the image of the mockingly jumping Miandad comes to mind.

Inspite of history standing in the way, I had to say, "Bravo!" to this article. A very perceptive, scathingly frank piece that I simply had to agree with.

The Pakistan team that won the one day series reminded me of the heady days of the Indian team's revival in 2003. So much of young blooded enthusiasm and team spirit marked the Natwest series then. The same spirit is evident in the present Pakistani side. Kudos to them for a well-deserved victory.

A heartening fact in the matches played between India and Pakistan since last year, is the friendliness between the teams. The animosity that used to exist during the Miandad and Imran Khan days is no longer there. Now it is just two cricketing nations playing a game and not two neighbouring countries at war in the cricket pitch. And I am hoping that increased trade between the two nations will keep the friendliness going.

As far as Indian cricket goes, like Miandad says in his article, India needs to get back to the drawing board and draw new plans.


Karthik said...
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Karthik said...

That’s right, the animosity did vanish on both the sides, but India went one step further, I also lost the killer instinct it had earlier. Losing to Pak is not more shameful or retributive.

India needs to start from scratch.

vimal said...

India should relinquish the 'God worshipping' attitude, and treat players like normal humans. Cricket is a team game, its not chess.

Phoenix said...

There was no animosity between
Imran and miandad and all..as
far as I know..it's the media
hype.Both were great contemporaries
in their own way, and had some
ego clashes..

Echo/Lavanya said...

Hey Phoenix - I did not mean animosity between Imran and Miandad but animosity between India and Pakistan.