Friday, February 25, 2005

The Price of Wisdom

No wise person ever said that wisdom comes easy. In the last couple of years, I have heard wisdom woes from several of my friends (most told me on the phone, one of them wrote about it and another told me about it in an offline message this morning prompting me to post). I continued to exist in the realm of 'this happens to others' until April 2004 when my own wisdom was at considerable stake. After a day spent in denial, I mustered the courage to fix an appointment for the surgical extraction of my left upper and lower wisdom teeth. Thanks to a great dental surgeon, I survived with a lot less pain and a lot more room in my mouth.

Evolution takes the crown for the wisdom of Gen X and the early peaking of wisdom in Gen Y as well. From the Wiki snippet, it looks like wisdom teeth could probably be a vestigial trait that will disappear with...continued evolution ofcourse. Evolution or otherwise, it is pretty bad to be stuck in the middle :)


Karthik said...

No wonder, Dental is a separate degree course in medicine.

Phoenix said...

Term "Wisdom" tooth is by and large a misnomer or simply a dental sounds weird when
some people make a nexus to the
wisdom...Certain things may not be
clear at all and that's making it
more interesting !!