Saturday, February 26, 2005

Living Dreams

I will never forget an instant message response, from a chat on yahoo more than a year ago, of a friend of mine when I asked him how life was treating him. I was meeting him, online, after a couple of years and in the typical manner of general enquiry, I asked him how he was. He said, "It is a privilege to be living a dream". I was frozen in awe for the next few minutes as his words jumped out of the screen and did a fascinating reality parade in my mind. And I have not forgotten the sentence ever since.

It is indeed a privilege to be living a dream. And it takes tons of courage to decide to live a dream. I think every single person dreams his own special dream; one that stays locked in the musty recess of the mind for want of courage to live it. Sometimes I think we settle snugly in lazyland and it is far easier to go to a job, make money, spend it and watch life drift by; every now and then, we can dust out the dream and spend a wistful hour in nostalgia and stove the dream back in a corner again. How much more difficult it is to keep the dream alive all the time and work tirelessly towards it. I think we inherently run away from things whose formula spells out instant pain and delayed gain. Maybe that is why dreaming the dreams and talking about them in drawing room conversations is done far more than living dreams. I wonder if such dreamers-for-drawing-room-glory are responsible for social conditioning against living a dream. Whatever be the reason there are fewer than required authentic dreamers in the world today. What we have are tons of cynics who seem to think enthusiasm and optimism are a waste of time. They cloak all that cynicism in the fabric of realism and burst all the wish balloons they can.

Again, it is indeed a privilege to be living a dream - a privilege that one must pay for in courage.


Phoenix said...

Well said.Indeed , a fantastic
topic to explore and to live in
dreams fully has got a different
contextual meaning !!Motivational
gurus use this "dream" technique
to enthuse their followers( working towards dream, vision,goal., etc).For a common man,living in dreams gives bubble
of happiness after which reality bites. However in general, people
with poetic inclination tend to
consider this as a privelage
afterall the words fantasy,Imagination has got closer
ties with "dreams"

Prabz said...

Is that one 'Dream' is the root cause of all (d)evils? ;)...Or Is that one root cause of all marvels..
... Huh.. I should stop dreaming.. Caffeine helps :)