Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I caught Homeshoring in Turns of Phrase at Quinion's site and quickly realized that this is probably the catchword of 2005. A search on Google convinced me that umpteen sources, particularly in blogosphere, had thrashed away at Homeshoring in January. David Altig's post was brief and illuminating and it also had pointers to the McKinsey report and the IDC report on the topic.

Homeshoring, like the much touted and still happening Offshoring, does seem like a concept worth bandying about. For a number of industries that focus on Offshoring from a purely cost cutting perspective, Homeshoring might turn out to be a good alternative. However, Homeshoring, in an eerie way, reminds me of the long lost days when people typically worked from home. Whether this approach is a turn towards an integral approach to work and life or merely a turn in the wheel of time remains to be seen.


Echo/Lavanya said...

Raji sent me this link which talks about a related concept Rural Sourcing -->

Phoenix said...

"Homeshoring" - Interesting
but little rheotoric.One
more IT jargon, I came to know..
Thanks echo