Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Buffoonery Brand

The latest India Today cover shows Lalu Yadav shaving. The Key line reads 'Bihar Election CLOSE SHAVE'. I was a wee bit amused and a huge bit disgusted. I am indeed sorry to see that the cover page has to resort to such a level of literal allusion.

This picture brings to mind the immensely popular brand that Lalu Yadav is an expert at marketing - Buffoonery. His claim to popularity and the often amazingly indulgent mentions that he gets at gatherings are all thanks to his astute usage of the potential of buffoonery. If Lalu Yadav had a serious, no-nonsense image, all of his misdoings would stick out glaringly in the minds of the people. However, with several gross misdoings in his resume, he stakes claim to the warmth of the heart by tapping into the hiterto unknown potential of buffoon antics. Bravo to the cunning indeed! And to think that the media is actually helping him immensely...I can just roll my eyes at that.


Prabz said...

Clown!! What happened to India Today? Laloo uses these low tactics for long to exploit his people.. guess its time to make it a missile testing place :)

Phoenix said...

"BIHAR close shave" -- this is what they call
"Symbolism" . Whatever Laloo does,becomes the news.
For Delhi, he is not "Laloo" but " Lolloo".