Thursday, October 21, 2004

So went the days

The BJP and Shiv Sena lost the Maharashtra election, Advani assumed the leadership mantle of the BJP, Alan Hollinghurst walked away with the Man Booker Prize for The Line of Beauty, the interesting test match in Chennai was finally a washout, Veerappan's death raked up several questions and I scurried around all week doing odd jobs. Even as I wrote the last sentence, I wonder for a microsecond about my insignificant scurrying around amidst a lot of eventful happenings. But then, my scales of comparison are incorrect as my scurrying around has a direct impact on my life while the 'eventful happenings' of last week might just remain printed words in the newspaper archives and nothing more might be triggered by them.

So went the days of last week where I did the usual things - track the news, do housekeeping (aside: it is one of those things I still cannot believe that I do! I like things to be neat and clean but I can never bring myself to believe that I can do tasks that fall under the 'housekeeping' epithet. Housekeeping brings to mind starched aprons, white bonnet, matronly appearance and motherly thoughtfulness. I do not fit any of these!), work a bit, be a family person, buy clothes, read De Bono's biography (still reading actually) and plan my Navarathri guest list. It was a busy but fun week.

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Karthik said...

Great insight!
Sometimes we do feel we are infinitesimally small compared to those that make the news. That’s ok as longs as we are happy despite dirty aprons and dusty shoes. We sure cant say if the guys in limelight ever get to be that way.