Friday, October 01, 2004

Friendly memories

Today is the recalling-old-friends-and-being-grateful-for-most-of-them day. I have had most of them flashing through my mind's eye. There are weeks when I do not think of any of them and I do not mean it in the way that they do not matter to me. It is just that I am a person who focuses on certain things and stores away other thoughts for another day. So, the friends decided to all come at once from the memory shelves and it became chaotic to manage the sequence of memories as they tumbled out.

The hyperactive first memory that came out was the friend who searched for leave letters with me in a school dump. She and I, knee deep in garbage and looking for leave letters that will sit in a measly year end records room that no one ever goes to during the rest of the year. Now, it seems ridiculous that our teacher even asked us to look for it. But back then, we laughed so much as we were standing knee deep in the garbage. And guess what, we did find the leave letters (mind you, this was the garbage dump of the whole school and everybody clears out at the end of the school year. So it was some achievement to locate the correct bunch of leave letters!).

My favorite roomie then showed up with her mug of hot chocolate and her glasses perched on the nose right at the point where it meets the junction of the eyes. She and I have talked through the wee hours of many a night about Prince Charming and the trips to fantasy land. She does a much better job at Mills & Boon style stories than the original authors. My forced introduction and brief association with M&B and other such pulps were at the hands of Ms.Glassy.

The person I love to call co-God followed with the cherished memory of a costume trial session at a movie costume rental store. We tried Maharaja crowns, Mantri turbans and all kinds of traditional Indian robes. And we did all this trying out while talking to the store owner, a walrus-moustached and rotund character who insisted on calling us 'mudum' (his version of 'madam'). She and I had a hard time recovering from our laugh effected muscle catches. And we could not talk about our time at the store for days together without bursting into peals of laughter.

Sauntering along with a nonchalance, so natural that you take a while to figure out that this is a carefully cultivated exterior that has been around long enough to appear natural, is the friend with whom I have spent several hours in a dirty cafetaria talking about the tricky dance called life. Sipping my cup of sickeningly sweet tea while he nursed a bottle of coke (even then the yuppie!), we shamelessly flaunted our Ayn Rand induced cynicism across a multitude of topics. Then there were the times when we discussed the never changing script for yet another mastering of the ceremony. "The Chief Guest will now light the kuthuvilakku"...always the same thing. What else?

There is this friend of mine who had a strong disdain for women until a few years ago. Way back in 1999, when A and I were visiting his place, he was in his anti-women phase and we did not know him well then (how could we when he was anti-women?). Once we figured his coldness, she and I set to work together and psyched this person out with our very own version of Linda GoodMan's Sun Signs theory. We talked to this person non stop for about 5 hours and during that time we had listed out all his irritating mannerisms and given him a reason for each of his odd acts. Guess what, he actually bought it. And funnily, he stopped thinking of women as cunning and manipulative b******. A & I still wink at each other when he mentions that conversation.

The memories carry little bright spot after another. The speed of words can seldom match the speed of thought. Posting the other memories of today will have to wait.

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sisyphus said...

as i sit here sipping my martini i can't help being astounded by the audacity of your fabrications! i was/am not a yuppie! humph.
oh well, who am i kidding? i have a glass of red label chai all steamy and fresh from my trusty microwave sitting next to the keyboard :). and yes, those were pretty snootish sessions. i wish i knew then what i know now =)
funny that you wrote this. my quarter in school just re-started and i've been sitting in front of this paper the last 30 minutes working up the enthu to start reading it. somehow reading this entry was all i needed!